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Why The Tiny Otter

A Tribute
To Singapore’s Popular Mascot

The critically endangered otter symbolises the need for us to better live in harmony with Mother Earth. Native to Singapore, the smooth-coated otter families left our polluted waters in the 70’s. More than 20 years later, the mammals made a quiet comeback after a massive cleanup of our waterways. They have since become an endearing sight in the green city.

Watching the endangered critters frolic in the rivers by our home inspired us to make the iconic animal our brand mascot. The otter represents the playful and child-like nature of our brand and our utmost dedication to sustainable living.

Sensationally Singapore

We collaborate with local illustrators to create prints which are close to heart and without doubt will make you go awwwww(-ter).

From adorable otters to the delectable ang ku kueh and the omnipresent “Bahaya” sign to the beautiful Vanda Miss Joaquim, every print we have commissioned is not only close to heart but instantly recognisable to those who call Singapore their home.

For every product that you purchase with us, we thank you for supporting a local business and being a part of this green movement!

It is our sincere hope that you would fall otter-ly in love with the products as much as we do!