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First-Timer Guide

Toddler girl wearing The Tiny Otter dress and diaper

The Newbie

Cloth diapering is a path off the beaten track and it’s natural for first-timers to feel overwhelmed. Safe to say, we completely understand what’s on your mind. This comprehensive guide was written just for you.

I Want
To Do A Trial

If you would like to try on the fit or aren’t 100% sure if cloth diapering is for you, we’ve got you covered!

In partnership with The Nappy Nook, Singapore’s first and only cloth diaper library, we offer 2 trial pack options at a small fee of $15 for a 2-week rental.

You may choose from the following:

1. Otter Original Pocket Diaper x 3 (inclusive of 2 inserts)
2. Otter Pull-Up x 3 (inclusive of 2 inserts)

Please note that though the diapers from the library have been worn before, rest assured that they are washed and sanitized regularly to be in excellent condition.

A deposit of $20 is needed in addition to the rental fees. This is fully refundable if the diapers are returned without defects.

Please join The Nappy Nook on their Facebook Group to indicate your interest to rent or drop us an email: hello@thetinyotter.com if you have further questions.

I'm Going
Full Steam!

If you’re confident of going all out to cloth-diaper your child, kudos to you! That’s how we began our journey too. In this case, grab our complete diaper set!


  1. 24 x Otter Original Pocket Diapers or Otter Pull-Ups
    (Assumption: 6 cloth diapers per day for 1 baby and that main wash happens on the 3rd day. If you are worried about keeping up with laundry, we suggest going for 30-36 diapers. A big rotation also means less wear and tear on your diapers.)
  2. 2 x dry pails: 1 for soiled diapers right off the bum and 1 for diapers after the pre-wash (awaiting main wash).
    For more information, check out our Washing Guide.


  1. 24 x reusable wipes for diaper changes.
  2. 10 x extra inserts as boosters for a heavy wetter or night-time diapering.
  3. 1 x regular wet bag or travel pod for diaper changing on-the-go!


We recommend washing the brand new cloth diapers (cover and the inserts) at least once to remove any manufacturing residues.

While it is true that the inserts made of natural fibres take at least 6-8 washes to reach full absorbency, we recommend only 1-2 washes before using them to save on water. The tip is to reduce the time between diaper changes from 2-3 hours to 1-2 hours.

Most of the time, yes. Your child can become a heavy wetter literally overnight and you may have to use more inserts in the diaper. It’s always wise to have some spares in case of emergency.

It depends. For young babies, pocket diapers are preferred because they are easy to wear for diaper changes on the changing station.

If you’re cloth diapering a toddler who’s active and refuses to lie down, pull-ups save the day because they wear like an underwear. It is also useful during the toilet-training phase when they are learning how to pull up and down the pants.

Lastly, we also notice for childcare/school providers who accept cloth in Singapore, they prefer pull-ups for the ease of changing with the child standing up.

Please note that The Tiny Otter does not offer dedicated night diapers at the moment (yes. we’re working on it!). It is possible to add more absorbency (maximum of 3 inserts) in our Pockets or Pull-Ups for light to moderate wetters for overnight use. If your child is a very heavy wetter for nights, we suggest approaching The Nappy Nook for more options.

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