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Our Story

For Parents,
By Parents

The Tiny Otter is our labour of love for cloth diapers which we would like share with the world. The brand re-invents the traditional cloth diaper by breathing new life into it.

We champion baby products that are sustainable, stylish and simple to use without compromising on quality. Our reusable eco-friendly diapers meet the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, made with only the best materials that we, as parents ourselves, want for our children.

The Tiny Otter draws inspiration from sunny Singapore and pays tribute to the island’s unique culture and heritage. We work with talented local-based designers to bring our modern cloth diapers to life.

Every print illustrates a story about everyday Singapore which will otter-ly warm your heart and bring a smile to your face. Through continuous efforts, we aim to raise more awareness of cloth diapering and guide more families and childcare centres to adopt a greener and more sustainable lifestyle.

With Love,

Fern (Founder, Mother of 2)

How It All Began

It was 2018.

I had a newborn cradled in my arms with no user manual. As new parents, we only knew that we wanted the best for our little one. My husband, Eugene, was not a fan of disposables as they were loaded with chemicals and we were concerned with our baby wearing it for prolonged periods.

We did our research and ordered in our first stash of cloth diapers from overseas as the local options were limited. They performed fairly well until my baby grew and his pee output increased. They began to leak.

In search of the holy grail of cloth diapers for my heavy wetter, I experimented with close to 50 different brands to find the best fit and absorbency for him. The overseas purchases chalked up gradually due to fluctuating exchange rates and expensive shipping fees.

Three years later, I had my second baby and the idea struck: Why not come up with our own brand here in Singapore so that we can do away with costly shipping? What began as a wishful thinking slowly turned into a passion project.

We then put our hearts into designing the otterly-perfect diaper, paying attention to details that matter to busy parents seeking both functionality and style. We believe in high-quality items made to last so that you spend lesser in the long term.

In 2023, Singapore’s otter-native cloth diaper is born!

With our beautiful premium collection of cloth diapers, wet bags and accessories, this is where comfort meets chic as we offer every family a stylish otter-native to sustainable living without breaking the bank.