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Fitting Guide

As Easy
As 1-2-3!

Using TTO’s diapers is as easy as 1-2-3! Nonetheless, we offer this guide to get you started on the right foot. Follow these simple steps to make the diaper fit snugly on your little one’s bum.

1. Position the Inserts

Place the inserts either inside the pocket or snap them on to position them next to the bum. If you are using 2 inserts, place the bamboo insert on top followed by the hemp. You can choose to snap the inserts together or simply stack them.

2. Align the Diaper

Place the diaper on your child, with the back elastic just above his or her bum. Align the wings with the baby's hips. Tip: Once you know the rise snaps, you can pre-snap them before putting on.

3. Raise The Front

Create a “taco” hold with one hand by lightly squeezing the diaper and bringing it to the front. This ensures the elastics are sitting in the leg creases or underwear line.

4. Round the Front

Smoothen and round the front on both sides.

5. Snap on the Hip Snaps

Bring the flaps around and snap on the hip snaps on either sides to secure the diaper on the baby.

6. Snap the Wings

Put the remaining waist snaps on. It doesn’t need to be super tight. Ensure some room between the baby’s tummy and the diaper for maximum comfort.

7. Adjust The Rise Snaps & Tuck in Excess Fabric

The rise snap can be adjusted at the front to ensure that the baby has a good fit if you have not pre-snapped them yet. A good and snug fit means that the diaper sits well under the belly with the bum fully covered and has a good leg seal without gap. Using your middle and index fingers, tuck in the excess fabric once the rise snaps are done.

8. Tuck in Excess Fabric on Both Sides

Tuck in all excess fabric on both ends by pushing it up so that it doesn’t create any discomfort or hinder any movement.

9. Inspect the Elastics

Check that the elastics rest on the underwear/leg creases by using your fingers and lightly tugging them into the groin.

10. Smooth Out the Back Elastics

Make sure to smooth out the back elastic. Check that there is no excess fabric or liner (if you are using one) that is sticking out.

11. Rinse & Repeat

Now it’s done! Do it all over again in 2 hours or sooner if your child does a “luxury poo” on a fresh diaper. Be sure to repeat the same steps to get the right fit. Take note that you may need to adjust the rise snaps as the baby grows.


The diaper should not press too tightly against the tummy or groin and leave a mark. If you observe deep red marks on your baby after using the diaper, it’s probably too tight. Observe if there’s any visible “muffin top” where the belly fats spill over the diaper as this is an indication that the wing flaps are snapped on too tightly together. As a general rule of thumb, there should be some room between the tummy elastics and baby’s skin.

Yes, we do! In partnership with The Nappy Nook, Singapore’s first and only cloth diaper library, we offer trial packs for rental if you wish to try on the fit before your purchase. Please read the First-Timer Guide for more information.

The rise snaps are there to customize the fit for your baby depending on his/her size and weight. By adjusting the rise snaps, it affects 2 things:

1. Length of Diaper

The length of diaper is shortened if you snap the rise down. This is important to ensure the bum area is well-covered and that the diaper is not too loose when worn.

2. Circumference of Leg Elastics

When you snap the rise down, this creates a smaller “leg hole”. This ensures the leg elastics wrap around the inner thighs with no gap, therefore preventing any leaks. In general, go “up” one rise if you have a bigger baby with chunky thighs or go “down” one rise if their thighs become leaner as they grow into an active toddler.

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