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Otter Rewards

What is the Otter Rewards programme?

For every dollar you spend on The Tiny Otter products (excluding shipping), you will receive 1 reward point.

Here are some other ways to earn points:

  1. Sign-up for an account: 20 points
  2. Birthday month: 50 points
  3. Write a review on our site: 20 points
  4. Your friend makes a purchase using your referral link: 150 points
    (You and your friend would receive 150 points each if the purchase is successful.)

Redeem once you have hit 200 reward points which is equivalent to $7.

You can use them anytime except that they cannot be stacked with other vouchers. No minimum purchase is required.

To collect Otter Rewards Points, please create an account with us. Alternatively, you can do so at checkout by selecting the option “Create an account?” to automatically create one.

Can I backdate points?

We understand that you forgot to sign-up with us before making a purchase.

Unfortunately, the system doesn’t keep track of points from purchases by guest users. We’re sorry to break bad news to you but it’s not possible to backdate points.